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Posted November 28th 2020 by
Mathieu Ledru
Mathieu Ledru - 1 min read

Did you know that, since the latest release, you can now subscribe to the newsletter? How to do that?

Nothing more simple as going to the homepage.
Then fill the form with your email address, and click on "Subscribe to the newsletter" button.

That's it! ✅ You will receive smart recommendations update on Uniflow. 📧
It's the best way to stay tuned on important updates by email. 📨

Also you can update anytime your email subscription directly by the mails you receive or on your Settings panel when connected to your account. ✏️

You can also follow us on Twitter for accuracy highlighted news. 📣

Thanks to David Leuliette to help with this new feature so far 💪.

Happy flowing. 🎉

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