Why ?

Unified Workflow Automation Tool.

How ?

Think macro, act micro.

Mono Flow, the inspiration

I am very big fan of doing NoFlo, Workflow for iOS, IFTTT, Automator, Zapier, Datafire, Huggin and Google Blockly. Flow Based Programming is very interesting because you assemble blocs like Lego pieces. What can become complicated is when you assemble its too much because you get a graph like spaghetti. So, I made the choice to make it human readable and to have your flow ordered by a single list. As human, we like lists. it's common and anchor into our usage, affordable and natural to read from top to bottom. At the end, you can make anything into each block, so have conditions, loops and so on as long as something is delivered at the end. For the interface, I also did pick up the philosophy of nvALT.

What content it deserve

The goal is to deserve everything. So, a block can be a simple text transformation as it can be a very specific process. The harmony is important to have a base that allows to mix blocks together. Only the security is the topmost priority that must be checked.

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