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Do you faith in Open Source?

Posted November 30th 2020 by
Mathieu Ledru
Mathieu Ledru - 1 min read

In Open Source, I mean Open Source Software commonly shortcuted as OSS.
But this article can be extended for various open contribution types.

Coding for passion and altruism is good and fun ! But not all code value the same.
You can be the best developer in the world get the best ideas : then fine! ⭐️
But if you are developping for FREE a software that is part of your core business then you can at least receive people gratitude for what you have done.

It's not only about code and gratitude. ❤️
It's also about money. 💸
As people, we live, we aford houses, we pay taxes, we grow up familly, we just can't live from clean air and fresh water. 💧

That's why Uniflow now join fair-code model, this allow us to financially protect our work while beeing totally transparent to our community.

Moreover, Uniflow depends on lot of other open source projects. We care about the work they contributed for us and is only fair that we support them back.
That is why we have planned to contribute a certain percentage of revenue/profit every month to these projects.

For any questions about Uniflow License, we cover more details into the FAQ.
If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to us by filling our contact form.

Happy flowing. 🎉

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