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Posted December 20th 2019 by
Mathieu Ledru
Mathieu Ledru - 1 min read

Patchbay is stripped-down service that includes the MPMC functionality. This is the Poor man's replacement for services such as ngrok, IFTTT, serverless applications.

Here, we will see how to implement a simple consumer producer, to reflect Patchbay philosophy.

As example here, we will run two consumer that will display the message returned by one consumer.

You can go to simple-patchbay-consumer

Run one Uniflow consumer by clicking on play button to run the flow.


Run one Node consumer by executing

The two running consumers will wait for the consumer to be executed.

You can go to simple-patchbay-producer

Run Node consumer by executing

It will then unlock the two previously consumers. On Uniflow and Node consumers, you should then see the delivered message from the producer. 🎉

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