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How we manage sourcing ?

Posted October 17th 2019 by
Mathieu Ledru
Mathieu Ledru - 1 min read

At Uniflow, there is an issue about how we manage our sources repositories.

As a fact, we use Git for versioning the repositories as git is largely adopted, there is no reason to replace that tool over time.

The purpose here is : do we use monolithic repository or multiple standalone repository ?

There is a great article that presents the pro and the con of both usages.

What we choose for now is monolithic repository as the projet grow fast and we got multiple dependencies along all sub repositories and all public contributions will be centralized to

But the issue when using monolithic repository is the fact that you want have both Public and Private repositories.

The solution we found is to combine monolithic repository AND multiple standalone repository in a quite simple way. So we got :

  • one Public monolithic repository
  • one Private monolithic repository that have one git submodule to the public monolithic repository.

Here is a scheme to get the idea :


This process can change by the time, but it’s now what we use. If you have suggestion, we will be glad to share !

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